Piazza Castello n. 4
Sesto al Reghena (PN) - Italy
email: culturalesexto@gmail.com

SEXTO 'NPLUGGED, in between intimacy and music experimentation. Located in the wide central space of the enchanting Piazza Castello, inside of which you can also find the Santa Maria Abbey, the musical event Sexto 'nplugged distinguishes itself by offering a unique version of artist performances, respecting the place where the festival takes place. Avant-garde artists with great cultural depth will adapt their musical performances to this place, and the place, somehow, shapes itself on the music played. The outcome of all this is an amplification of emotions towards the audience.

In this project the selection criteria are:
-International artistes;
-Unique performances;
-Exclusive performances.

In this framework Sexto 'nplugged project enhances the promotion of tourism, especially the food and wine industry. As a matter of fact, having many visitors from all over the world and very well organized tourist services it is a successful mixture that make it be possible to offer a festival that can satisfy any kind of exigency and to have a positive economic impact on the territory.
Within this very suggestive framework Sexto 'nplugged offers local traditional food and wine products.

Once again this year the festival is supported by funding from Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia e Fondazione Friuli, and so the concerts form part of the "Dormi da noi-Biglietto Free" (Sleep at ours - get a free ticket) promotion by the Consorzio Pordenone Turismo. This promotion means that if you stay in one of the participating accomodation venues in the Province of Pordenone, you can receive a free ticket. For more information contact info@pordenoneturismo.it.